CPD Hours

What is CPD?

The majority of our course activities are accredited by the CPD Standards Office (CPDSO) which officially recognises and accredits online learning activity. 

The CPD Standards accreditation is recognised by 2,000 professional bodies that require members to complete CPD hours. Many professions now have some form of CPD obligations for members with professionals in regulated industries for example law, health and finance having to maintain their CPD hours annually to retain their licence or qualification to operate. 

How can I use my CPD hours?

Even if you're not a member of a professional body, earning CPD hours and points from accredited learning activities is valuable. You can use it to:

  • demonstrate your experience or new skills in your area
  • accredit your commitment to ongoing learning
  • add to your CV or resume to demonstrate your experience and knowledge to future employers or clients
  • drive ongoing professional learning forward in your industry
  • an additional accreditation to stand out from competitors
  • demonstrate your development and training
  • encouraging professionalism within your industry
  • support changing career

How many CPD hours can I earn?

Each course has been accredited for a specific number of CPD hours. You'll see the CPD hours on the course page. You'll see a breakdown of the time to complete each course, in order to achieve the total available CPD hours you'll need to complete all the elements of the course and be an Expert student.

How do I receive my CPD hours certificate?

Once you've completed your course just contact us on info@learningwithexperts.com and we'll send you your digital CPD certificate.

What can I do with my CPD certificate?

You can use your CPD certificate to prove your accredited CPD hours - make sure you keep it somewhere safe!

The CPD is now working with the CPD Institute to offer you free access for your first year to store and record your CPD hours.

They have 3 levels of membership:

  • Achiever (for 16-25 year olds)
  • Member: (for students who are a member of a professional body)
  • Fellow (for students with a degree or professional experience)


How many CPD hours do I need?

If you're a member of a professional body then your body may require you to earn a certain number of CPD hours or points throughout the year to demonstrate your commitment to ongoing learning.

If you're an individual it's up to you how many hours you want to earn per year - but the more you learn the more hours you earn!

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