What is an online classroom?

When you join a course, and press Start you'll be automatically put into the most recent online classroom.

Each classroom can have up to 20 students, all students have started the course around the same time as you, but might be online at different times or at a different stage in the course.

When you enter the class you'll see all your lessons on the left hand side, and your on-demand video lessons are available to watch when you're ready. 

You'll also see a classroom feed - this works a bit like a social media feed - you can post messages, chat to other students, upload pictures of your work, ask questions and see what everyone else in the class has been doing.

We believe you'll benefit from the power of group learning - as you can learn from your tutor as well as from other passionate students from around the world.

So don't forget to say hello to your fellow students, and embrace the power of online group learning!

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