How does it work?

We offer online courses in areas including gardening, cookery, art, photography and wellbeing. Each course is tutored by an expert in their field, and you have the option (Expert option) to receive personal feedback from each expert.

We're delighted to work with incredible international tutors and professionals including Michel Roux Jr, the River Cottage team led by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, Atul Kocchar, Piet Oudolf, Michael Freeman, Chris Beardshaw, Sir Muir Gray, Rosso Emerald Crimson and many more.

We have students from 55 different countries, so you can study wherever you are, at a time which works for you.  All classes are online so you don’t have to travel to a class. 

When can I start?

You can start whenever you’re ready and learn from wherever you want, all you need is a computer, tablet or mobile. There is no specific schedule or time of day that you have to be online. 

When you press start you'll join a classroom with up to 20 other students, all who have joined the course recently. You might be online at different times, or at different stages in the course, but you can communicate with other students either directly or through the class feed.

Your class feed is a bit like a social media feed - you can catch up on what your classmates have done in the class, post messages, view assignments and see tutor comments.

What does the course include?

Each course includes on-demand video lessons, downloadable notes, practical and optional assignments and access to your online classroom.

If you choose Expert level you'll also receive personal feedback from your tutor on your assignments, and you'll be able to ask the tutor questions directly. Our students love this unique access to world-class tutors. You'll have tutor access for the length of the course (this is 1 week per lesson).

What's the difference between Peer and Expert levels?

Each course includes on-demand video lessons presented by your tutor, downloadable notes, assignments and access to an online classroom.

Expert level includes personal access to your tutor. They'll give you personal feedback on your assignments, and you'll be able to ask them questions directly throughout the course. It's a unique opportunity to get professional and personalised feedback.

What is an online classroom?

We find learning with others is a great way to get the most out of the experience. You will learn alongside other students studying the same course from all over the world in our online classroom. The classroom is a bit like a social media feed - you can see what everyone's been doing in the classIn the classroom you can message each other and see others’ assignments. 

How long does my course access last?

You have access to the course for life - you can watch the videos as many times as you want, and download the notes to keep. You'll also remain in your original classroom.

If you choose Expert level you'll have the length of the course (1 week per lesson) to contact your tutor and complete your assignments. 

Any questions?

If you have any immediate questions or simply want to discuss a topic with other enthusiasts - you can ask them on our public community page (it's free). Our experts pop in here too - so you may well get your question answered for free by our world experts!  You can also check out our regular blog articles across all topics and receive our monthly email newsletter.

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