Assignments & Tutor Feedback

At the end of each lesson, you will be asked to submit an assignment. You can either attach a document (photograph, scan, word document) or you can type straight into the 'Submit Assignment' box.

Assignments could either be a written answer to a question, filling in a worksheet, a drawing, an image, or evidence of practical work. This varies course to course, and will be different for each lesson.

If you are a Peer student, these assignments are optional. While they will not be marked by your tutor, we do recommend that you attempt them as you can learn a lot from your peers who are free to give you advice!

If you are an Expert student you will receive personal feedback from your tutor on your assignments.

To include an attachment in your assignment, click on the paperclip icon:

Your tutor's feedback will be given within the classroom, to allow you and your peers to learn from each others work.

If you would like more information about assignments, get in contact with support and we can show you some examples.

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