If you opt for the Expert version of your course, the time you have to interact with your tutor is limited to course length. You will have one week per lesson to chat to your tutor and have your assignments marked, and during this period you can ask them as many questions as you would like.

So, if your course is made up of 4 modules (this is the case for the majority of our courses), you will have 4 weeks to interact with your tutor.

If you are enrolled on a longer course, for example module one of RHS Level 2 (this contains 6 modules), you will have a longer period of time to interact with your tutor (6 weeks in this case).

Your tutor interaction period will start as soon as you enter the classroom. If you find that you are struggling to complete the assignments in this time or you wish to put this function on hold, just get in contact with one of the team via the support button and we will help you out :-)

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