How do these translate to a resume or job
Many of our students start as enthusiasts and go on to become professional designers.

What do the assignments involve for the Level 2 Principles of Horticulture?
The assignments are optional, and Hilary is a former RHS examiner so they include one or two questions that you might be asked in the exams.

Do you have to study the RHS level 2 certificate courses in any particular order?
The recommended order is by their numbering, Start with 1 and work through.You can do them in any order though, or individually.

Does the price of £330 include all the courses?  
Yes but you are welcome to purchase them individually to spread the cost

Will I receive information from tutors of books to read?  
Yes, for more information on learning resources, click here

I have already done 1 module of the RHS level 2 course. Can I skip a module?
Yes you are welcome to purchase them individually to spread the cost

How closely does the course follow the RHS level 2 syllabus? Does it cover all the material that could appear on the exam?
Yes absolutely - that's why we're the RHS approved learning provider. One of the tutors, Hilary is a former RHS examiner, herself and Noel will coach you through until you are ready to take the exam. 

What written information is provided as part of the course content?
You get full magazine style course notes and your tutors will also recommend books. 

Is it possible to study this qualification along side school or another job?
Yes. You can watch the videos at your own pace - you will have access to the classroom for life.

Do the assignments have to be done in the week following the lesson?
No you can do them all at once if you want to, or spread them out 

Can I extend my course time if I’ struggling to finish?
Yes, you can contact your tutor who will extend your course

What do the assignments include?
Practical tasks 

Is the course as respected for future employment as it would be if I did the face to face year course in London?
Yes it's very respected as we're an official approved RHS Learning Centre.Our tutors are some of the best in the world - so a reference from them, is probably as important as the certificate itself 

Are these all the courses required to attain level 2?

Do I need materials for this course?

How do you talk to your fellow students and tutor?
You can both chat to both other students and your tutor live and in a forum type environment.

Does the RHS Level 2 course incorporate both the Certificate in principles of plant growth propagation and development and the Certificate in principles of Garden planning establishment and maintenance?

What are the resources like for the course aside from the videos and online  classroom forum?
You get really detailed notes with the course that are like magazines and its best if you print these out and can study them like a book. Hilary and Noel can also send you past papers to revise from.

What can I expect from the videos?
The videos are essentially like having a lecture with your tutor talking you through all the content. 

What can I expect from the classroom?
The classroom is where you discuss with your peers and can ask your tutor questions.

How many different RHS course Levels are there?
They offer a Level 1, 2 

Can the course collection fee be paid in instalments at all?
You may purchase the individual units in your own time, or if you sign up for Paypal credit you can pay in instalments

Can I get a RHS level 2 certificate also if I have not a level 1?  

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